What Is Photovoice?  Photovoice puts cameras in the hands of people with valuable lived experience so they can explore and share their perspectives on health, family, community, and their futures, learn more here.

Our Mission is to help individuals and organizations worldwide use Photovoice safely, ethically, and successfully, and create a global community for Photovoice peer-to-peer support and continuing education.

A Message from PhotovoiceWorldwide: Consistent with our mission to support organizations and groups in safely and ethically conducting participatory visual research that uplifts and elevates the powerful stories and experiences of marginalized communities, PhotovoiceWorldwide genuinely believes in  supporting #BlackLivesMatter as the momentum builds to bring justice, healing, and freedom to Black people across the globe. See more about our message here.



Our team facilitates Photovoice and related trainings, online and in-person. Since June 2018, over 200 researchers, faculty, nonprofit staff, clinicians, and photographers have completed ‘Talking with Pictures’ and joined our Photovoice continuing education community.


  • Well designed, practical, engaging, and supportive. -USA

  • Now I have content to facilitate workshops. -CANADA

  • The course was a rewarding experience. I loved it! -AUSTRALIA

  • A fantastic introduction to the methodology. -COLOMBIA

  • I feel much more prepared to plan my Photovoice study. -KOREA

  • The instructors created a family feeling in the short five days of the course. -GERMANY

  • This is the most well-constructed CE learning experience I have had. -USA

  • I really enjoyed Laura's facilitation style, her generous sharing of her experiences and resources. Also think Stephanie made a great contribution. -SOUTH AFRICA

  • The training was amazing. -USA  (See more here).


Job & Internship Opportunities

Social Media Internship – Apply now! We seek an intern to implement and manage our marketing, communications and social media plan (e.g Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc) and keep it running smoothly. Learn more here

 *Scholarship Guidelines Announced!

 – Check out our new course scholarship guidelines! Apply if you are a fulltime student without department support for training, an early-stage non-profit professional, or are residing in developing countries. Find out and learn more here


 'With Photovoice: Encourage discussion, Investigate experiences, Highlight social justice issues, Collaborate for change, Identify needs, and more.' 



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Free! Webinar - Mind imaging: A tool for taking better Photovoice pictures.

PhotovoiceWorldwide - Webinar (Open!)
with Erica Belli is an educator and photographer based in Italy. Erica studied at the Italian Institute of Photography and is currently an attending faculty member of the Psychology Department at G. Marconi University. Read Erica’s blog post on Facilitating Better Photographs with Photovoice: Part I.

 Tuesday - September 29th 2020, from 12-1PM ET

During this webinar, you will learn an effective technique for teaching participants how to feel more confident and focused while holding a camera—before releasing the shutter—thus enabling them to take meaningful photos for Photovoice. Erica Belli will walk you through a process called “mind imaging,” a person-centered tool to introduce at the beginning of your Photovoice projects. Participants will learn how to create mind images and use them to take better, more impactful photos from their very first roll of film. The webinar will include a hands-on session during which you will experience for yourself the potential of mind imaging for Photovoice. The webinar is a prelude to the two courses Erica will be facilitating this fall: See more about this event on our News Page here or the title above.


*Seven new Training Courses and new course dates for Talking with Pictures: Phototvoice

Seven exciting brand new courses available this Fall: (e.g  Facilitating Photovoice: The Basics, Facilitating Photovoice Remotely, Deep Seeing: The Power of Visual Communications, Better Pictures with Photovoice-I and Better Pictures with Photovoice-II, Young Changemakers with a Camera, Facilitating School-After School Learning with Photovoice), and new course dates for our award winning foundations course Talking with Pictures: Photovoice.

Special 'Early Bird' Pricing available on all courses. A $50 Discount for Alumni. Check out these new course offerings, times, and dates Continue reading on our Training page here.

PhotovoiceWorldwide - Blog Post
Strengthening Brain Injury Support Groups Through Photovoice.

By: Stephanie Lloyd June 29, 2020 - People find their voices in many different ways – Photovoice is a way to align what I’m thinking through pictures. –BIA-MA Support Group Leader & Photovoice Training Participant. PhotovoiceWorldwide staff recently facilitated a training with Support Group Leaders from the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts (BIA-MA), to prepare them to facilitate Photovoice with their group members. Participants gained hands-on experience with the method as they took photos related to a prompt, discussed them with their colleagues, developed captions, and identified common themes. All the photos shared in this blog were taken by BIA-MA support group leaders for this training... Continue reading more about this article on our News page here.

Webinar:  Maximize Participant Interest and Engagement in Photovoice: Critical and Creative Thinking Strategies.

Join us on Tuesday, July 7th 10:00AM - 11AM ETD - with Laura Lorenz and Erin Bush.  About this event: Photovoice participants practice critical thinking when they reflect on their circumstances with new eyes, capture photos of what matters to them, share their photos with others, and communicate their thoughts and feelings through interviews, focus groups, and writing. See more about this event on our 'News Page' here .

Limited tp 30-people
update June 30, 2020

Webinar - Was Sold Out !

Note: See a video (45:59 min) of the Webinar here.

Please -stay tuned- and check back with us here for more exciting/inspiring/upcoming Webinars !

Critical Thinking Part 2: Strategies and Tools to Facilitate Critical and Creative Thinking with Photovoice.

PhotovoiceWorldwide - Blog Post
By Erin Bush and Laura Lorenz  June 19th 2020 

In Part 1 we explored critical and creative thinking in Photovoice projects. In this sequel, we look at the ways that facilitators and clinicians can use specific strategies and tools to strengthen critical and creative thinking in Photovoice projects. As we learned in Part 1, all stages of Photovoice entail critical and creative thinking. Participants use these skills when a) choosing photos to take, b) sharing photos and providing feedback on others’, c) writing and sharing captions, d) receiving and considering feedback, and e) making decisions about where and how the work should be presented. In Part 2, we suggest three practical strategies to foster critical and creative thinking with Photovoice...  Continue Reading more about this interesting article on our 'News Page' here.

Copyright LSLORENZ.com Welcome Aboard - Rose Weggler: Social Media Marketing Manager.

Rose is the newest member of our growing team, Rose is our Social Media Marketing Manager. When she’s not boosting posts, gaining followers, and keeping our projects on task, Rose manages Maine Island Lodge. She is also the board president of the Maine Association of Sea Kayak Guides and Instructors (MASKGI). Rose holds a BS from the University of Vermont majoring in Recreation Management and Tourism, with a minor in Business Administration. Over the years her love for the outdoors has brought her on journeys leading bike tours in central California, kayak guiding in coastal Maine, and Ski Instructing in the Rockies of Colorado. Rose now enjoys said activities in her leisure time, while putting her social and business expertise to good use with us. Rose says: "I am excited to work with PhotovoiceWorldwide and use social media to make a positive difference for people using Photovoice around the globe." Find out more about Rose on our 'Meet Our Team' Page here.

Free! - Facilitating Photovoice Remotely: Experience and Strategies

View a video of a free webinar PhotovoiceWorldwide presented on Facilitating Photovoice Remotely with Maria Paiewonsky, EdD. On Monday, April 27th at 2 PM ET. Dr. Paiewonsky reviewed options for facilitating Photovoice from a distance through every stage of Photovoice. See more here

Copyright LSLORENZ.com Course:  ‘Talking with pictures’: Photovoice!

New course dates for ‘Talking with pictures’: Photovoice for (May, June, and July 2020). Find out more on our Training Page here.

Copyright LSLORENZ.com Can I Do a Photovoice Project Remotely? Yes, You Can!

  Are you planning a Photovoice project in this midst of these uncertain and stressful times? Were you ready to do a Photovoice project and now are re-considering – because your participants can’t go outside, get their project cameras, or meet with you face-to-face? No need to put your project on hold! Photovoice is a highly dynamic and adaptable method... Continue reading this article on our blog here.

  Workshops: Laura Lorenz recently facilitated a workshop “Approaches to visual data analysis using an empowerment lens” at the Qualitative Report 11th Annual Conference Contemporary Qualitative Research, at Nova Southeastern University, Davie, Florida, January 15th, read more here.

  Presentations:  Stephanie Lloyd recently facilitated a ‘Think Tank’ session “Using Photovoice in Evaluation Practice” at Evaluation 2019: Paths to the Future of Evaluation: Contribution, Leadership, and Renewal, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, November 16th, read more here.

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   • See more announcements on our News page here.


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