Our team provides trainings in the Photovoice method for organizations and agencies. We also serve as consultants on your Photovoice projects to engage patients and community members in sharing their knowledge and experience using photography, discussion, and writing. Contact us to discuss consulting possibilities at or visit and use our Contact-Us page (here).


Tailored Online Trainings

Develop interactive, engaging, online Photovoice training workshops tailored to the specific needs of your project or organization.

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In-person Workshops/Professional Development

Develop dynamic in-person Photovoice workshops that meet the specific needs of your project or organization, large or small

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Consulting Services

Our team of experts can provide short- and long-term consulting to support your Photovoice projects, research, and evaluations.

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Types of Consulting Details


Tailored Online Trainings

We will work with you to adapt our award-winning online professional development course, Talking with Pictures: Photovoice or our new training Photovoice Facilitation 101: The Basics, to meet your Photovoice needs. Recent clients include:

  • African Immigrant Photovoice Project: We recently trained community health workers to facilitate Photovoice virtually with African immigrants in six New England states to understand their healthcare-related experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, for a project funded by a grant from PCORI (Patient-centered Outcomes Research Institute) to the African Immigrant Health Research Consortium
  • Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts: We trained support group leaders and BIA-MA staff in Photovoice facilitation basics in preparation for Photovoice projects with support group members throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The projects will create opportunities for healing and raise awareness about brain injury in healthcare settings and the community
  • National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI): We facilitated an online training with NAMI support group leaders who will in turn facilitate Photovoice with their members and contribute research data on the impact of policy changes on people living with mental illness in the Indianapolis area. This project (to be used in a Photovoice research project funded by CTSI (Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute).

Contact us to discuss client-specific training possibilities or visit our Contacts page (here).


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In-person Workshops/Professional Development

et us work with you to develop a Photovoice training based on your needs for in-person workshops. Recent clients include:

  • The Maryland VA in Baltimore: We worked with a Veterans Affairs research team leader to craft a one-day skill-building workshop as the team prepared to launch their Photovoice project.
  • Granite Pathways of New Hampshire: We facilitated a half-day workshop for non-profit staff and peer leaders preparing to launch a Photovoice project with persons dealing with mental illness.
  • Medical schools, professional societies, community organizations, government agencies, support groups, and more: Our team provides professional development through Photovoice for clinicians, researchers, educators, students, team leaders, managers and others. Examples of past consulting and (online and in-person) trainings can be found here.

Our Team facilitates Photovoice trainings for e.g. medical schools, professional societies, community organizations, government agencies, support groups, and others. We provide Photovoice professional development for clinicians, researchers, educators, students, and managers.

Contact us to discuss In-person Workshop/Professional Development possibilities at or visit our contact-us page here.




Our Team has served as consultants on Photovoice projects in various capacities. Examples include:

  • Understand experiences of patients with anxiety disorder seeking cardiac care in the ER.
  • Plan, conduct, and analyze data from a Photovoice project in order to understand perspectives of minority lupus patients on the social determinants of their health.
  • Provide a service-learning opportunity for college students using Photovoice to explore a career in elder services and improve social integration of elders.
  • Engage African immigrants in the Greater Boston area in documenting and reducing HIV-related stigma.
  • Train project leaders and staff using Photovoice to evaluate state services for people with disabilities.

For examples of past consulting (online and In-person) trainings click here.

Contact us to discuss consulting possibilities at or visit our contact-us page here.


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Hosting an event?, Seeking an engaging speaker? Contact us about possible topics and speakers for your event. Contact us to discuss possibilities at or visit our Contacts page (here).



Past Consulting - Online and In-person training examples.

Below are brief descriptions of a 'sampling' of trainings that we have facilitated in the past.

bullet ‘Talking with Pictures’: Photovoice (United Way of Broward County, Ft Lauderdale, FL)  2019  -  

Description: Laura and Stephanie recently facilitated ‘Talking with Pictures’: Photovoice for 11 staff members of United Way of Broward County and affiliated organizations. Course content was adapted to UWBC needs and interests, with the addition of Photovoice examples relevant to their work, for example disaster reduction, school safety, and experiences of LGBTQ youth with bullying. United Way of Broward County plans to use Photovoice with a range of programs and participants to create consumer engagement and develop new ways of doing their work.

bullet Photovoice: A Workshop (Broward County Children’s Services Council, Ft Lauderdale, FL)  2016  -

Description: This one-day Photovoice training was intended to support the programming and grant-making activities of non-profit organizations receiving grants from the Broward County Children’s Services Council. This one-day, hands-on, interactive workshop explored the foundations and Photovoice and shared photos from three Photovoice projects led by Dr. Lorenz in the US and South Africa since 2001 – with teenage girls, youth living with HIV/AIDS, and adult brain injury survivors. The workshop was intended to provide a solid understanding of this popular approach to participatory health and community research and its potential applications to improve health and welfare of children, youth and families in Broward County.

bullet Talking with Pictures: Concepts and Hands-on Experience (AMERSA: Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse)  2010 and 2011 

Description: A facilitated 90-minute seminar for clinicians and researchers in substance abuse, this workshop briefly covered the foundations of Photovoice, provided examples of photos and captions from work with brain injury survivors and people living with HIV/AIDS, and provided hands-on experience with several Photovoice steps: (a) becoming a visual researcher, (b) discussing images and writing captions, and (c) developing project themes. The workshop culminated in a brainstorming session on possibilities for adapting the Photovoice methodology to participants’ clinical, education, research, service, and evaluation programs.

**This seminar won the 'Best Workshop Award' at AMERSA’s 2010 national meeting.

bullet Visual Research Methods and the Study of Occupation (Annual Research Conference of the Society for the Study of Occupation, or SSO:USA, Portland, Oregon)  2012  - 

Description: This institute covered the foundations of visual methods and provided hands-on, interactive experience with several visual research steps, with a particular focus on analyzing images and text and the use of theory for analysis purposes. The institute culminated in a brainstorming session on possibilities for adapting visual methods of research to the study of occupation, and potential funding and publication opportunities for studies using visual research methods.

bullet Engaging the Public in Health and Community: A Photovoice Workshop (Division of General Internal Medicine and the Center for Clinical and Translational Research, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska)  2010  - 

Description: This one-day workshop covered the foundations of Photovoice, a participatory action research process in which people represent their points of view and experience using photographs and captions. Purposes can include defining strengths and gaps in health and healthcare as they relate to participants’ daily lives. Workshop elements included: foundations of Photovoice, and hands-on experience with Photovoice steps, from becoming a visual researcher to ethical considerations, taking photographs, discussing images and writing captions, outreach, and options for analyzing photos and text. The workshop culminated in a brainstorming session on using Photovoice in remote/rural/health/healthcare research.

bullet Photovoice Facilitator Workshop (Massachusetts Systems Transformation Grant, UMASS Medical School)  2009  -

Description: This one-day workshop was intended to prepare staff and consultants responsible for leading five Photovoice projects throughout Massachusetts to understand the perspectives of people living with chronic conditions and disabilities on the long-term services and supports intended to support their health and quality of life. The workshop covered the foundations of Photovoice and the 5 Core Consumer Outcome domains of the MA Systems Transformation Grant, funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).

For more information please contact us at, or use our Online Contact form here.  Visit the 'Projects Section' of this website for examples of projects conducted using Photovoice.


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