Facilitating School-After School Learning with Photovoice
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Facilitating School-After School Learning with Photovoice  Online Course  (Class limit: 16-people)
Instructor: Stephanie Lloyd, MA.


Learn practical ways to engage young people in learning through Photovoice!
3 online sessions, 1.5 hours each

Photovoice is a participatory approach to photography, discussion, writing and outreach that empowers young people to explore their experiences and collaborate for change. In this course, parents and instructors will practice the Photovoice steps and learn how to engage youth in the process.

Session topics include: careful photo-taking, photo sharing, and caption writing, selecting photos, exhibiting, and celebrating! Upon completing this training, parents and teachers will have content, handouts and exercises ready to adapt to their instructional and after-school activities.


Session Topics Include

  • History and benefits of Photovoice

  • Hands-on experience with the key steps of Photovoice

  • Planning a Photovoice activity

  • Incorporating Photovoice into self-directed learning

Who Should Attend

  • Educators

  • Parents and grandparents

  • After-school program staff

Instructor:  Stephanie Lloyd collaborates with organizations and groups on using data to address social and economic inequalities and strengthen communities. A member of the American Evaluation Association, and an AmeriCorps alumna, Stephanie provided two years of education and community development service in schools and neighborhoods through City Year in Washington, D.C. Stephanie holds a Master of Education in Applied Sociology from the UMass Boston. Her areas of expertise include program evaluation, survey methodology, Photovoice, data visualization, community and youth development, and volunteering. She has been collaborating with PhotovoiceWorldwide and teaching Photovoice for evaluation since 2018..

Course Date - Dec 3, 7, and 10, 2020  Time Zone: ET (GMT/UTC-4)  Course Enrollment Open 
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Thursday   Dec 3   3:305:00 PM  


Wednesday   Dec 7   3:305:00 PM   TBD
Thursday   Dec  10   3:305:00 PM   TBD

Class limit: 16-people

Registration Fee:

$245 (Early Bird Price) Save $50
$295 Full Price
Early Bird Price ends November 3
Cancellation deadline:  November 3

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Hardware Requirements

We recommend  the use of  Windows, Apple,  Chrome, and Linux  Desktop or Laptop setups with a built-in or attached webcam for video & audio (note, external broadcast quality microphones such as Snowball, Audio Technica, etc are good also), and not on smaller screened Smart Phone or Tablet devices as viewing and participation may be impeded. An Internet connection capable of supporting a decent video call (without lagging).  It is also recommended that you use headphones, ear buds, or keep your speaker volumes at a lower moderate volume level else feed back might occur.


Software Requirements

Our courses utilizes, , and  Get Adobe Reader  for online training and course materials. Perhaps you already have a Dropbox, and a Zoom account set up? If so skip ahead to 'Once Registered' below.

If not, please go online where you can obtain a free account for each as shown here so you will be able access the course materials and participate fully in the 'Talking with Pictures' Photovoice sessions.


*Note: Our courses utilizes ZOOM a very diverse and friendly video conferencing client software program (Free). We recommend using Desktop or Laptop setups and not on smaller screened Smart Phone or Tablet devices as viewing and participation may be impeded. It is also recommended that you use headphones, ear buds, or keep your speaker volumes at a lower moderate volume level else feed back might occur. Elevated volumes from speakers have been found to cause feed backs especially when within close proximity of your microphone/webcam, or a number of people are attending a zoom session (same same scenario as with television, or radio broadcasts) which is why a radio DJ or television interviewer will ask you to turn your tv or radio volume down if you are on a phone with them. To prevent this use headphones or ear buds.
Zoom may be downloaded and installed on Windows, Apple IOS, or Chrome Operating systems here  
Zoom may be downloaded and installed on Linux (e.g Ubuntu, Debain, Mint, Oracle, CentOS, RedHat, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Arch) devices here

If you have questions related to Zoom (e.g Installation, Getting Started, etc) please visit their friendly 'Getting Started ' page here to see if your questions are answered.


Is a robust convenient online cloud based storage service, we will be using Dropbox for course materials. If you do not already have a Dropbox  account click (here) and register for a free 'basic' account.

Get Adobe Reader - Adobe Acrobat Reader

Many documents in this course are in PDF format. If your browser or system does not recognize Adobe PDF file format already you may obtain your own copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) by clicking here
 Get Adobe Reader  .

Have Questions?  For further information regarding content of this course and other questions please contact us at info@photovoiceworldwide.com or visit our Contacts page (here).



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