Young Changemakers with a Camera: Photovoice
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Young Changemakers with a Camera: Photovoice  Online Course
Facilitator: Stephanie Lloyd, MA.

An activist youth activity for ages 10-15
6 online sessions, 1 hour each

Young Changemakers with a Camera: Photovoice is a community activism activity for youth ages 10-15 that uses a hands-on, participatory approach. In this activity, youth are directed to take photographs of things that matter to them, and share them with peers, family members, and decision makers. The activity will build and strengthen participant skills in research, photography, critical thinking, writing, marketing, and activism. Youth will work together and independently to learn about the Photovoice process, take photographs, write captions, and prepare for a presentation.


The main goals of this activity are to:

  • Increase the potential for youth to be activists and leaders in their communities throughout their lives;

  • Experience the power of collective action to spur change;

  • Build appreciation for different points of view;

  • Develop writing, speaking, problem-solving, and organizational skills;

  • Create a product showcasing youth photographs and captions for wider sharing;

  • Encourage action to support community resources and address community challenges.

The sessions will be hosted online though Zoom meetings. For each session, each youth will need:

  • Access to a computer with internet and a camera

  • Access to borrow a digital camera (cell phone or iPad is ok) with the ability to email or upload photos to Dropbox;

  • A quiet space for participation in Zoom meeting sessions;

  • Excitement about photos, community activism, or learning something new;

  • Interest in sharing their point of view (self-expression) and learning from others.

Facilitator:  Stephanie Lloyd collaborates with organizations and groups on using data to address social and economic inequalities and strengthen communities. A member of the American Evaluation Association, and an AmeriCorps alumna, Stephanie provided two years of education and community development service in schools and neighborhoods through City Year in Washington, D.C. Stephanie holds a Master of Education in Applied Sociology from the UMass Boston. Her areas of expertise include program evaluation, survey methodology, Photovoice, data visualization, community and youth development, and volunteering. She has been collaborating with PhotovoiceWorldwide and teaching Photovoice for evaluation since 2018..

Registration Fee:

 $720 for a group of 6 youths
 $960 for a group of 8 youths

 Do you have a group of young people or students who would benefit from a Photovoice activity? Email to secure dates.


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